SHIBUYA PIXEL ART 2020(シブヤピクセルアート2020)

Result Announcement

Grand Prize
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Grand Prize & onion Award

The way colors, tile patterns, and motifs were used were modernistic and fresh. The expression of light in the final scene was especially a new approach not seen in existing pixel art. Moreover, these expressions combined with the background music created an atmosphere that led to a radiating last scene. (gnck)

I have experience working at an animation studio, but I am genuinely surprised and impressed by this short film that depicts such fine details in a short period of time. Seeing the protagonist in the film repeatedly take on and overcome challenges gave me courage – by the end, I was rooting for his victory. It’s a simple story intertwined with the game's appeal and successfully combines the intricate structure of the video game scenes with fighting and side scrolls! (onion)

The work has a lively touch like a painting and increases its appeal through the combination of many patterns with the cityscape theme. (JooJaebum)

In the selection process for the Grand Prize, heated discussions were made from various points of view, including the drawing quality and expressiveness of the work, the way the animation was created, its composition, and the message it conveyed. Above all criteria, this work was highly evaluated for its future potential, with its fresh sensibility to draw what the heart desires and the way it freely combines ideas. The complex animation, which is a departure from the "loop animation" that has recently been established as an expression of pixel art, was difficult to decipher at first glance. But a few of the judges sympathized with how the artist grasped the current situation we face (the pandemic) like a game (even without understanding the concept or language) and made a bold attempt to overcome the obstacles. The work was selected as the best in terms of originality, sociality, and composition. (Shibuya Pixel Art Committee)

Excellent Award
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Excellent Award & Klas Award

This artwork extracts the everyday landscape that goes back and forth between virtual reality within games and the internet and reality. It was one of the rare submissions that touched upon sociality, one of the evaluation criteria. The work shows a high level of perfection and skill, which can be seen in the detailed signboards and the depth of the scenery. I also appreciate the playfulness in which the scenery is expressed as a side-scrolling game. (Yusuke Shigeta)

The so-called 2D pixel art and modern pixel art with perspective are combined with good balance, and the "dream" element overlaps with the loop structure of the Yamanote train line, making us want to watch it over and over again. The loop animation is also well-crafted, and I gave a high evaluation for its experience and high technicality. (APO+)

Incorporating elements such as the city of Shibuya and games, the work depicts a (Yamanote line) train journey and gives it a cool and surprising story. I was also stunned by the well-drawn background. (Klas)

This is a work that depicts one’s tranquil hours spent visiting a city by contrasting the scenes experienced inside and outside of a car. I loved the idea of using the side-scrolling shooting game style to switch between reality and fantasy. The unexpectedness of how all the different scenes are incorporated with a casual and consistent tone is also worth noting. (Hattori Graphics)

Excellent Award & waneella Award & APO+ Award
DAWN MOONLES. / Banana Love

An outstanding piece. The colors, the details, the characters drawn with such accuracy – everything was perfect. I was very surprised at how the author created such a fascinating work where everything was included in one scene and made me want to know more about this world. A lot of information is piled into the scene, creating depth and making it even more attractive. If it were to be made into a series, I would definitely want to see how the story evolves. (waneella)

Simply put, very cool. It was incredibly comforting to watch how the work used a large resolution to distance itself from pixel art, how each motif was chosen with delicacy, and how the technique and the use of colors matched throughout the scenes. Even with the high resolution, the work is definitely pixel art. Unconfined by mechanical limitations, the work expresses itself in a way that can only be achieved with today’s form of pixel art. (APO+)

Excellent Award & Toyoya Award
Hayakawa Kei/Adult Shibuya

I really like the decorative appearance of this artwork. (waneella)

This work has great composition and well-matched colors that create a strong visual impact. The character poses, placement, and overall spatial direction were well-drawn as well. The scenes evoke various "memories" of the city of Shibuya to those watching. It was a technically brilliant piece of work and my personal favorite. (Toyoya)

Excellent Award & Hattori Graphics Award
JPtom / Kabukilla

This monster of work tackles four of this year's themes which were all beautifully integrated into the frenetic bustle of Shibuya and the chaotic atmosphere of 90’s arcade games. It is vivid and beautiful, like watching a feverish Japanese night festival in a single still image. The backgrounds, characters, and even the UI were drawn without compromise and were a far cry from the playful simulations of game screens. The artist’s love for the scenery of Shibuya was also extraordinary, and it was wonderful to see how they depicted it from their own point of view. I doubt that there has ever been an artist before who had used the Udagawa-cho police station and the Hachiko bus bound for Yoyogi Uehara as the main backdrops. (Hattori Graphics)

This work has great artistic taste. It takes complex skill and sensitivity to make characters in still images look as though they are moving, but this artwork achieves this and is fun to watch. It’s as if the work was created as a gif movie. The details are also well drawn, such as the trash in the streets of Shibuya, the buses, and the rowdy area in front of the police box on Center Street, with a good mix of reality and fiction. (Kazuki Takakura)

Excellent Award & Kazuko Shibuya Award & Yusuke Shigeta Award
Kogumi/Banana wa Natsu no Kaori

The moment I saw it, I thought it was very cute. One of the charms of pixel art is that it creates a picture with continuous textiles. When I drew the pixel art for the Famicom myself, I had a hard time drawing mountains, seas, walls, floors, and dungeons seamlessly. When I saw this piece of work, I was reminded of the appeal of pixel art, which can be playful, with a high level of design, and developed in various directions depending on how it is used, contrary to recent styles where pixel art is richly drawn like illustrations. The dolphin banana is also fantastic. (Kazuko Shibuya)

This work is full of the charm of pixel art and the stylish use of colors is wonderful. There is a fun sense of discovery as one goes from seeing an overall pattern to the subtle variations of the bananas when examining from close-up. This time it was graphic work, but it would be interesting to see it in print as well as in animation. It‘s a piece of work that can be further developed in the future. (Yusuke Shigeta)

Excellent Award & gnck Award
Noise/Shibuya Chobo

In recent trends of pixel art, the expressive possibilities of 1:1 pixels are being explored to their full extent. I had been thinking about the possibility of transformative pixels (pixel-imperfect) as a way of expression in the future as opposed to pixel-perfect when I came across this work and felt it has great potential. In thinking about motifs fit to be drawn in pixels, the horizontal deformed pixels and the buildings are a good match, and I liked how the artist creates a chill atmosphere of the entire city without relying on symbolism. (gnck)

The selection of the optimal pixel aspect ratio for the building motif and the precise colors creates a realism unlike any other. The scenery of today's rigid Shibuya is accurately depicted. (Hattori Graphics)

Excellent Award & JooJaebum Award
mudmama/“baby quilt” 64×64

This is truly a work of art in its use of various materials. Both pixel art and embroidery share a common delicacy of having been made one by one, and the work serves as a bridge between digital and analog. Even the process of its creation is felt as a part of art within this work. (JooJaebum)

Full of charm, the cloth framing is a fresh and unique take. (Toyoya)

Excellent Award & Kazuki Takakura Award
Momoman/Momoman begins

What I liked about this work is that you can't really tell if it's pixel art, artwork on Shibuya, or if it’s a take on the metaverse. Pixel art tends to focus on craftsmanship, but when we go back to the origin that “all digital images are composed of pixels”, this work gave us a great theme to rethink: “what is pixel art?” It gave me an opportunity to think of such things. All the characters are very colorful and charming as well. (Kazuki Takakura)

Excellent Award & eboy Award

The Mona Lisa is one of the most classic and beautiful works of art, but with new interpretations, this artwork beautifully sublimated its unique style while maintaining the calm beauty of the original piece. The combination and animation of the banana and Hachiko showed amazing creativity and technical skill. (eboy)

Audience Award
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MEI/Yakitate Jirushi

Although there is a bit of a leap from the theme of "newly born", this work shows excellent character design, color, animation, and overall balance. I appreciated the very soft touch of the pixel art and the sense of storytelling and reverberation despite its short length. (Yusuke Shigeta)

adidas Originals Special Award
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Futuristic and somewhat nostalgic, I felt that this was a forward-looking work that challenges the possibilities of pixel art. I hope that the artist continues to surprise many people with their new ways of thinking and methods. (adidas Japan Tabe)

This work is based on the concept of Shibuya Pixel Art itself, and I couldn't help but laugh at the artist's cynical attitude. As a method of expression, it was interesting to see them pick up niche textures such as a PC screen saver or the notice signs that are displayed on the electronic bulletin board in a local city or government office. Their point of view slightly differs from the "internet expression" of yesteryear and is wonderfully original. (Kazuki Takakura)

Shochiku “Kabuki” Special Award
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otm/Tachikata Renjishi Kaiten Emaki

The work was outstanding not only for its accurate depiction of the costumes, including the costumes with a slightly unusual structure, but also for the way it expressed the dynamic performance of the Renjishi, the character poses, the sweeping motions of the lion hair, and the innovative technique of the 360° rotation. We highly praise the artist for depicting the scenes from angles that cannot be seen in a regular stage performance, all the while being faithful to the original production. (Shochiku Co. Iijima)

This is a masterpiece that encapsulates the dynamism of the stage in voxels without leaving out any details and we highly evaluate its uniqueness in showing the voxels with toon shading. (Hattori Graphics)

“Break eve” Special Award
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Bauer Giselle Aika/Shibuya Komachi

Pixel art is nostalgic for those of us of the so-called Famicom generation (the late 40’s). With this work, I felt the artist’s potential as a next-generation digital artist who possesses a freedom that transcends the constraints of pixels, just as a painter facing a canvas can use whatever colors to express themselves. Her style is also refreshing and glamorous, which fits her own image as a model, TV personality, and idol. (“Break eve” producer Iura)

I was very impressed with the Japanese elements of this work, starting with its use of colors. It has a characteristic angle and is a wonderful piece of work that combines traditional Japanese taste with modern techniques. (Toyoya)

16x16 Limited Pixel Art Award
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Hisashi/877 Error

A 16x16 ultra-low resolution picture tends to feel flat when drawn, but in this case the colors and rotating bananas made the work look extremely three-dimensional. It is a successful combination of 3D and ultra-low resolution, which can be incompatible at times. (APO+)

This work expressed various angles in a very natural way, and it looked like there was a bug with the bananas inside a fictional world. (JooJaebum)

The artist produces a cyber feeling using black as the base, and cleverly expresses the banana with low resolution pixels. The work helped convey the appeal of DITOO when projected on the device. We felt it depicted a good understanding of DITOO's product characteristics. (WiseTech Fujii)

32x32 Limited Pixel Art Award
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NekoBraver / Space Banana vs Million Kabuki Attack

I was deeply impressed that the artist created such a complex animation on a canvas size of just 32x32. The story of the banana taking control of Shibuya and Kabuki fighting back was an incredible spectacle to watch. (onion)

The work was excellent in supplementing information by combining wide angle and focused cuts. (Yusuke Shigeta)

The theme of the contest was abundantly incorporated into this feature-length animation with over 60 frames, which is the maximum number of frames for DIVOOM products. It’s an artwork that made me feel the possibilities of pixel art animation. (WiseTech Fujii)

64x64 Limited Pixel Art Award
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Takahashi / Hachiko? Installation work

I love everything that is depicted in this work. It’s charming, the colors are nice, and the animation is simply great. (waneella)

The work matched the wall-mountable frame of PIXOO64. It gave a feeling of looking out a window at the city of Shibuya where construction never ends – I can gaze at this work for hours. The use of vivid colors also showed the possibilities of color expression by the device. (WiseTech Fujii)

Analog Pixel Art Award
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Yama / Banana peel

It was very well modeled. Even the flat banana peel was expressed deftly with the use of layers. I also liked how the image submitted was placed on the side of the road. (Yusuke Shigeta)

By taking the image on a street, the artist was successful at conveying the image of a neglected banana. I was impressed with the detailed expression of the banana’s ripeness as well. I would love to see another image where people are stepping and sliding on the banana skin at the scramble crossing. (Kawada Kamimura)

Beyond Pixel Art Award
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Hermippe / Dice that create a story

I found the idea and storytelling very appealing. (Kazuko Shibuya)

The idea of building a story with the stakes of a dice was highly creative and playful. The iconic nature of pixel art also gave the dice a sublime impression. (Hattori Graphics)

I enjoyed the idea of combining the dice with a heightened sense, much like playing a game. (Toyota)


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